2.5D is a media company started in 2011 in Tokyo, with a view to spread “Japanese Internet-Pop Culture” which have been expanding at an explosive pace after 2000 to the world.
Our mission is to edit and visualize practical Japanese creations with a keen eye for culture.
In order to achieve it, we work by the following three ways bellow.

1. Producing, planning, and broadcasting streaming programs from studio 2.5D in Shibuya PARCO.
2. Transmitting some original contents from our website (http://2-5-d.jp/).
3. Planning and producing cross-genre collaborations, with a capability of curation we build through making many kinds of broadcasting programs.


The amount of information is now increasing day by day, so it’s becoming more important to watch and experience by yourself. This is the reason why we make an equal effort in the real space even we are living in the center of Internet-culture, but we think it makes huge difference with the other media.
Only if you stand in between 2D and 3D, you can mix benefits of both sides.

We do believe that a new expression which comes from friction of the internet is the key component for Japanese creation to connect to the world, and we always look at every possible way for it.